T Bucket The original hot rod

As a T bucket owner and enthusiast this site will providers fans of the original hot Rod The T Bucket, a look at T Buckets from all around the world. with T Buckets from New Zealand , T Buckets from Australia, T Buckets from the USA, Europe and many other parts of the world.


Traditional T bucket with its front runner wire wheels & big wide wheels on the back. There are many manufacturers of components for T buckets and many different styles of cars that can be classified as T buckets. Turtle deck T bucket roadster

rod-hadfield-hotrod - 1

Some T buckets are built to follow a theme, with air brushed murals, spider web grill inserts and leather deep button trim it gives a creepy old world type look. Inline powered fender less T buckets with rear mounted fuel tank and louvered hood and satin black paint shows early styling is still a favorite with many hotrod builders. The light weight of a fiberglass T bucket body was and still is a popular choice for drag racers. Ford Model T C Cab Delivery is not a traditional T Bucket but as they are of a similar vintage they are just as cool. Click in to the menus at the top of the page to see hundreds of pictures various models and styles of Hot Rod T Buckets.


This Magnificent Chevy V8 Powered C cab is just one of many featured on our T Bucket C Cab delivery page.