Robs T Bucket From California #1

There are so many T buckets that are built to look pretty and not get used. Well there is a real T bucket based in California who has built more that one T bucket and believes in using them. Used to test and promote his exhaust shop Rob has built not but 3 T buckets.


This Small block Chevy powered T bucket has had many transformations engine wise over the years, The tunnel ram was fitted to the Purple T with its monster rear tyres angled windshield and i beam front axle.


The tunnel ram looked the goods but wasnt the best on the street


Being the owner of an exhaust shop the car has been fitted with a few different styles of pipes including the 8 stack pipes pictured here and the single 4 barrel carb.


Only problem with a T bucket is lack of room and the nitrous bottle has to go somewhere so on the passengers side foot well is as good as any where else.


Auto Drag Centerlines were the wheels of choice first time round as well as the chrome zoomie headers.


Over the years Rob has owned his T bucket it has under gone a few changes and has also been used to develop and test the headers he makes.


The lower picture shows the T bucket in the early days and the top picture is a few years later with different wheels, no more tunnel ram and those stack style headers.


This T bucket has been built to be used, lining up against later model muscle cars for some drag racing.


On the return road after a run at Somona raceway in California


Its all about fun with Robs T bucket.




A bit of tyre frying


Some times we might grow older but who says we have to grow up..


Thats some serious smoke