C Cab Hot Rod Picture Gallery

The C Cab Delivery is another model based on the Model T Ford that has been built by hot rodders over the years.


c-cab-hemi-v8-supercharged - 1

Engine 13 would have to be one of the most photographed C Cab in the World, with its Blown American Hemi V8, dual quad induction and rat fink graphics on the side.


Woody style delivery T bucket


Green C cab delivery


Nice C cab pick up


What better way to promote your business, this C cab chevy powered delivery with its fully exposed engine and side pipes.


Even has a spot for the esky in the back of this C cab.


What better way to promote your business, the great thing about a c cab is there is room on the sides to promote your business


Traditional style Black Ford Model T delivery C cab with smoothy style chrome wheels has a small storage area behind the seating area.


Gold Rush Express a fully fendered C cab delivery complete with supercharged engine and traditional Brass head lamps and radiator.


Fendered T bucket with delivery style panel van back. The roof and back section have been built over the rear pick up bed and also forms part of the roof.


Chevy small block powered Ford T delivery style C cab.

c-cab-delivery-t-bucket - 1

An old black and white picture of this T Bucket delivery


Small Block Chevy powered Hot Rod C cab delivery


Woody style T bucket pick up, bright paint full fendered this has a mix of styles and models including Ford Model A grill, headlights and head light bar and model T style fenders.


C Cab Delivery set on a long wheel base, deep button upholstered roof with timber clad body.

c-cab-hotrod-pickup - 1

So is it a T bucket ? Is it a C Cab Pick up, the little pick up bed with stake timber sides. The Fuel tank must be hidden some where under the tray.


The cab doesnt have the traditional C shape, the timber coach work with proportions give it a great look and a small amount of storage in the back.


Big Block Powered Ford 1923 T Woody Delivery


A lot of thought, work and detail has gone into this C cab hard lid, note the storage compartments up the top and along side the driver as well as the over head console.


High Boy style C Cab Pick up complete with SBC power, side pipes and white wall tyres.


Chevy powered C cab delivery

flat-head-c-cab - 1

Early custom flat head powered C cab.

ford-c-cab-4-cylinder-engine - 1

4 cylinder powered C cab

C-cab-hearse-t-bucket - 1

As the song goes, were all gonna die some day, this would be going out in style blown c can hearse.

1923-red-c-cab-blown - 1

Nice blown red C cab

c-cab-bad-medicine - 1

Channeled pro street style C Cab

c-cab-yellow-rear-door - 1

Yellow lift up rear door on this C cab Hot Rod


satin black C cab

1923-red-c-cab-blown - 1

Blown 1923 C cab delivery.


Got Milk, this center steer T bucket featured lots of custom timber work in the build.

t-bucket-milk-truck-c-cab - 1

Another custom Milk Truck.