Aussiespeed T Bucket Build

After looking around for a long timeĀ  we have decided that it was time to show case some of the products made by Aussiespeed. The car we decided on was originally built in NSW and and was purchased in 2004 and brought to South Australia where it was to be street registered. To meet South Australia registration requirements there were a few things that were legal in New South Wales that the SA vehicle inspection branch were not happy with. Many people are very negative about the way state laws and authorities differ on the requirements for modified vehicles and registration but the last thing we want is something that is not safe.

best-ever-t-bucket - 1

This Delivery Style T Bucket is very close to what will be built to promote the Aussiespeed Range of Products.


As the car was advertised in many magazines

23T-orange - 1

The T bucket as it was purchased, powered by a 327 Chevy, Turbo 400 Trans and a Ford 9 inch diff.

23T-engine-bay - 1

There were a few things straight up that we wanted to change first being the air cleaner and rocker covers. Problem was the headlights mount through the bonnet sides and the coolant over flow bottle and wiring were attached to the bonnet sides.


The sides of the hood dont allow for tall valve covers but need to have something to cover the exhaust.


Simple dash layout and it even had a glove box


t-bucket-1923-rear-pick-up-bed - 1

The body style had the T Bucket sitting very high at the rear, If the rear end was from a jaguar or was a quick chance it would look great exposed. The plain Jane For 9 inch isnt something that we think is a stand out and needs to be displayed.

t-bucket-steering-wheel - 1

The first few things we wanted to do was to chance the modern wood rim steering wheel, change the position of the steering column, get rid of the gear shifter knob that pushed into my calf muscle when the car was in drive. The VW Kombi steering box and column is what were told the T Bucket was fitted with the outside of the column had been fitted with later covers so the back of the boss kit for the steering wheel wasnt exposed.


The room between the seat and steering wheel made it difficult to get in to the Hotrod as you had to squeeze your leg between the 2 then swing your right leg into the car as well. Even a short skinny person would have had to have found it uncomfortable to get in and out of and the driving position.

t-bucket-glovebox - 1

The gear shifter we were told was from a SAAB and it has the ignition barrel mounted in the gear shift housing as it locks the gear shift in park. When it was pulled into drive it was just the wrong shape and in the wrong position. The double brake peddle could be used with either the left or right foot. Only thing was it had to be changed to lift the steering wheel.

steering-columb-drop - 1

So the column drop was steel and once we started to unbolt it we noticed that the top side was welded to a tube frame that made up the frame for the dash board.

steering-wheel-button - 1

So we had a chance of plan and ordered our steering wheel, made the adapter to fit the boss kit and topped it of with an Aussiespeed horn cap, the steering wheel is a Grant Wheel and was purchased from in the USA as they were the only company we could find that had the size we wanted.

double-peddle - 1

Next was the shifter knob, we removed the plastic rectangular knob and made a pattern and cast the first of a new style that was in the shape of a grenade.

grenade-shift-handle-flat - 1

Note the flat back, when the T Bucket is in D for drive the shape doesnt dig in to your leg so it was a move forward in the comfort department.

flat-back-gear-knob - 1

The back side that is up against your leg is near flat, the grenade can have a thread put in the top section or the lower section as the grenade has a hollow centre as we didnt want to add to much weight.

flat-back-gear-knob-button - 1

We have a spring loaded button we turned up for the detent button on the shifter that allows the shifter to work with the reverse lock out.

polished-gear-knob - 1

After a quick polish the gear knob is finished and gave the custom old school look we are looking for.

t-bucket-wiring-loom - 1

It didnt matter how we looked at moving the steering wheel the dash board had to be removed and all gauges removed.

t-bucket-dashboard - 1

The dash was easy to remove and as the wiring had been done back to a main loom that simply unplugged.

t-bucket-wiring-loom-pluggin - 1

plug in wiring loom made the dash easy to remove.

t-bucket-wiring-loom-dash - 1

Removed with glove box as well.

screen-t-bucket - 1