Ford 27 Track T

The Ford 1927 Roadsters as designed by Henry Ford and his team


The Ford roadster is a popular choice for hot rodders, many companies have fiberglass reproduction bodies and aftermarket chassis including fabricated RHS and original style pressed chassis rails.


Early workshop with a Track T parked to the side.


Highly customised 1927 track T roadster.The open bonnet shows of the detail of the engine and the custom exhaust headers are tucked inside the chassis rails.


This little yellow track T with salt flat style polished wheels layed back style windscreen and lakester style exhaust.


Centerline with spinners and rear nerf bars give this little track T a speedway style appearance.


Black retro Track T with red bolstered trim


Inline powered T bucket, it hasnt got the traditional track T nose or rounded roadster rear.


Wire wheel powered roadster.


Ford Model T roadster with Track T style front, salt flat style wheels and raked windshield

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