T Bucket Ford Hot Rods


Retro style green T bucket complete with white wall tyres, looks to possibly Customline Y Block powered. The front style cycle guards are a different style than many and dont distract from this T Buckets styling


V6 Buick powered  T bucket looks to have been built on a very short wheel base chassis. The engine mount looks to be mounted off the cylinder head giving a lot more room around the starter motor area.


Small block Chevy powered T bucket with smooth chrome wheels and hub caps, also note it has a hinged passenger side door


Under construction is this Twin Turbo V8 powered T bucket, it has a one piece wind shield and a fiberglass roof.


Mint green metallic and weld prostars are the wheels of choice on this Tunnel rammed Ford windsor powered T bucket from the USA.


This T bucket has a low deck timber stake bed pick up rear deck. The radiator is chrome and a shroud is painted yellow to match the rest of the T buckets body. It is a great way of covering the spinning pulleys when state registration laws require the pulleys to be covered.


The builder of this T bucket must like purple as you will see it has a matching trailer being towed behind.


A great design roof and delivery style back, a real practical T bucket


Great red T bucket it must be a bit loud as the kid has stuck his fingers in his ears.


Looks to be a vinyl covered hard shell style roof on this blue 1923 style Ford T bucket.


Not all T buckets are loaded with V8s fancy paint and lots of chrome, this channeled Rat Style Slant 6 Chrysler powered T bucket is just built to the owners liking.


Channeled Supercharged Small Block Chevy powered T bucket.


Same car as about with the picture taken on a different angle. The straight up windscreen looks great as many T buckets built in this style are fitted with a lay back screen.


Some states require fenders for Hot Rods and T buckets to be registered, when the cycle style guard is mounted to the stub axle and diff housing it will move with the suspension and the distance between the tyre and guard can be far less than when mounted ridged to the body.


Highly detailed flat head powered Ford T bucket, This T Bucket uses an I beam front axle and stick shift manual transmission, white wall tyres . This is a very good example of early 1960s Hot Rodding.


Just another angle of the retro T bucket the rear stack type exhaust and 20 litre fuel tank


Steel bodied T bucket looks to be pieced together, but who knows the owner may like the “still in the build” look. Its powered by a small block chevy.


This silver T bucket has a one piece angled tall windscreen and runs a highly detailed small block chevy engine. The engine is topped of with a polished aluminum shotgun style carb scoop.


Custom double bucket thought it was a model Tourer then seen the bed on the back, they must have an extended family.


Another double bucket the brass head lights and radiator is enough for it to be classified as a T bucket.


When you click on the photo and study it you get to see just how much detail and work along with some of the components that are unique to this blown Hemi Powered T bucket.


Very neat traditional T bucket complete with white wall tyres, smoothie chrome hub caps and spun style rear mounted fuel tank.


Rat rod T bucket, this could be a steel body. Note the fuel filler in the turtle deck and traditional style model T Ford steering wheel.

convo-pro-t-bucket - 1

Tri Power carb set up on this small block Chevy powered T bucket.


Extra short pick up bed on this Ford Cleveland powered Black T bucket.


Angled screen late model 5.7L Chevrolet with centre bolt valve covers. See the bobtail spoiler on the short pick up bed is part of the lid.

hot-rod-t-bucket-pick-up - 1

Traditional in style with magnesium style gasser front wheels, full bonnet and extended or longer than normal pick up bed.

hot-rod-t-bucket-white - 1

Absolute stunning white T bucket, nice proportions angled tall windshield and a great stance.

hot-rod-t-bucket-windscreen - 1

Blue 1923 Ford T Bucket.


Black pin stripped T bucket with a shaped and kicked cycle guards


1923 Ford T Bucket fitted with a 1932 Ford Grill


Same car with photo taken on a different angle.


Chrome Ford 9 inch diff and coil over shocks on this red 1923 T bucket.


1923 For T Bucket Trim

staker-back-hot-rod-t-bucket - 1

Ford Model Pick up with timber tray


Blown American Hemi V8 T Bucket


Brass Radiator, windshield frame and many other T bucket accessories that are Brass or Brass plated.


Tunnel Rammed Big Block Chevy Powered T Bucket.

red-t-bucket-windshield - 1

Spoke laced front wheels lots of crome and a 2×4 tunnel ram on this Chevy Powered T bucket.

tunnel-ram-ford-351c-cleveland - 1

Ford Cleveland topped of with 2×4 barrel carbs sitting on a tunnel ram.


Supercharged V8 Chevrolet engine with gasser style wheels and a Brass Radiator.


5 slot steel rims and powered by a Ford Windsor is what is fitted to this T Bucket with its extended body

traditional-t-bucket-1967 - 1

Traditional 1960s short wheel base T bucket.

ford-t-bucket-red-antique-tyres - 1

Nice simple small block powered T bucket.

t-bucket-ford-cleveland - 1

Ford V8 Powered T Bucket.

t-bucket-satin-black - 1

Satin black paint and a tunnel rammed Chevy Small Block.

fendered-t-bucket - 1

Fully fendered T bucket

fendered-t-bucket-green - 1

No matter how many T buckets you see there is always something a little different.

blue-ford-t-bucket - 1

Ford Windsor powered T bucket, note the bucket seats.

t-bucket-supercharged - 1

T bucket builders build to there own taste, lucky we all have our own taste.

dohc-v8-t-bucket - 1

Gold, Black, Chrome and Polished Aluminum, describes some T buckets to a T.

blown-t-bucket-pink - 1

Not everyone is a fan of pink but this is a stunning T bucket.

designed-chassis-t-bucket - 1

Chevrolet V8 powered T bucket from Australia.

t-bucket-y-block-ford-australia - 1

For Customline 292 V8 powered T bucket from Australia.

ford-t-bucket-1923-blown-australia - 1

T Bucket Blown small block ford from Australia.

ford-t-buckert-1923-blown-australia - 1

Blown Chevy fitted to this 1923 T bucket, another nice car from Australia.

blown-t-bucket-australia - 1

Different angle of this Australian 1923 T bucket.

t-bucket-staker-back - 1

This T bucket has so many things about it that make it one of our favorites.

hard-t-bucket-roof - 1 l

ooks to have a vinyl covered hard roof

409-chevy-t-bucket - 1

A nice line up of T buckets and hot rods, looks to be a 348 or 409 in the first t bucket.

blown-big-block-t-bucket - 1

looks to be a blown big block chevy in this T bucket.

t-bucket-side-valve-ford - 1

Side valve T bucket not sure on what year the photo was taken.

traditional-blue-t-bucket - 1

If you look closely you will see many early features on this car, hard to pick if it was an older resto or a well built modern T bucket.

traditional-turtle-deck-t-bucket - 1

This T bucket has been built old school with the white walls and tri carb set up.

small-block-chevy-yellow-t-bucket - 1

Check out the indicators in the bottom of the head light of this T bucket.

supercharger-small-block-fordturtle-deck-t-bucket - 1

Supercharger fitted to Ford Windsor V8 in this Turtle Deck model T with pre 1920s head lights


White deep button trim, brass head lamps and bright red paint  along with many other nice touches complete this T bucket.


Fiberglass painted roof with rear cycle guards and matching color carb scoop on this Chevy small block powered with extended pick up bed.


Different rear suspension set up in this purple flamed T bucket.


Right Hand drive T bucket from Australia, magenta metallic paint and tunnel rammed small block Chevrolet small block.


T bucket with 2 piece front windscreen and soft top.


Auto Drag Centrelines on the rear and ultra thin spoke front wheels.

t-bucket-bucket-seats - 1

This Fiberglass T bucket has molded bucket seats as part of the body.

t-bucket-tunnel-ram-1x4 - 1

Tunnel ram with a single 4 barrel carb fitted to this Chevy small block powered T bucket.

t-bucket-tunnel-ram-2x4 - 1

Chevy small block powered T bucket with 2×4 barrel carbs mounted on a tunnel ram.

t-bucket-supercharged-big-block-454 - 1

Blown 454 Chevy on this Flamed 1923 T bucket.

t-bucket-street-rod - 1

Retro T Bucket from the USA powered by a Desoto Hemi style engine.

t-bucket-christmas-lights - 1

The owner of this T Bucket got a great photo with a Christmas light display.

t-bucket-tunnel-ram-australia - 1

Whoops this ones on the wrong page dont forget to check out the Turtle Deck Section of our site.

t-bucket-roof-australia - 1

Famous American T Bucket.

1923-ford-t-bucket-hotrod - 1

Smoothie Chrome wheels and hub caps

devil-t-t-bucket - 1

Big Block Chevy powered flamed gold T bucket

t-bucket-convo-pros - 1

Big Block Chevy powered tunnel rammed soft top 1923 T Bucket.

t-bucket-pro-stock-centrelines - 1

Short front model T fitted with independent A arm front suspension.

t-bucket-32-grill - 1

Late model Chevy small block looks to have Vortec heads

t-bucket-ford-windsor - 1

True spoke wheels lots of chrome and a white top.

t-bucket-chevy-small-block - 1

How cool are the 8 single pipes on this early T bucket.

t-bucket-australia-registration - 1

T bucket from Australia, lots of early cool features on this T bucket.

t-bucket-5-slot-chevy-wheels - 1

5 slot wheels and a tri carb small block.

t-bucket-roof-white - 1

front discs on the wire wheels on this T bucket.

t-bucket-crossram-carbs - 1

Dual Quad carbs fitted to this small block Chevy powered T bucket